Alive but Alone


Imagine you woke up and found that everyone else on the planet was just gone. Wouldn’t that be messed up?

Nobody would read my blog.

Seriously though, pause for a minute or five and imagine you were the only one left on the planet. I don’t know what you imagined, but personally, I think there would be a lot of burning because planes would crash, food on stoves could burn houses down, and things along those lines would add to the fire. It would kind of be like those scenes at the start of post-apocalyptic films or video games where they show you what happened, and there are things on fire, people are running screaming in the same direction, and the army is there for some reason.

Except there’s no one else. And you wouldn’t see any of it.

You’d see it in your area, of course, but there would be no one around to cover the destruction happening around the world, so you would have no idea.

I guess you’d be more focused on staying alive though, so knowing what’s happening around the world wouldn’t be very necessary. Personally, I think I’d spend my time learning how to keep the internet, the power, and the water running.

Also, I’d make my way to the nearest Tesco and just camp out there with all the food. (Aldi’s cheaper, but money would be irrelevant, and I like Oreos.) Everyone disappearing would be pretty grim and lonely, but Ben & Jerry’s would be free, so it’s not all bad.

Also, I could get a bunch of dogs together to defend me when the animals inevitably take over. They will likely try to exact revenge for everything the human race has done to animals and to the planet, and as the only human remaining, I will be the only one on whom they can focus their anger. I trust dogs though, and I’m sure they will defend me.

Anyway, if you are the last person alive, and you’ve just read this for advice, I’m so sorry.
Good luck.


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