Becoming Elle Woods


We should all aspire to be like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. (If you haven’t seen it, honestly, why? You’re 100% missing out. This is going to be full of spoilers, so I’d recommend watching it then returning. Not sure where you’d watch it, but I’m sure you can figure it out. If you really can’t find it or you just hate good movies, here’s the Wikipedia page for it.)

So basically, Elle gets dumped, follows her ex to Harvard, realizes he’s terrible, and becomes valedictorian.

What an inspiration.

If you still don’t agree, I really glossed over how difficult it probably was. I mean, it was Harvard Law School she got into, and she becomes a valedictorian. I get that it’s a film, but still, if it actually happened, it would be very impressive.

Right, so now, how do we become like the amazing Elle Woods? Good question.

Here are 5 steps to becoming Elle Woods.

1) Have goals and work to achieve them.

Admittedly, Elle’s goals when she started her journey to Harvard were not the best. She wanted to be with Warner because she assumed he’d become a senator, and she wanted to marry into his family. It’s something like that. She did genuinely like him too, if that helps.

Anyway, to get into Harvard and be with her bae, she studied for the LSAT and got 179 out of 180, and this, with her GPA and extracurricular activities, gets her accepted into Harvard.

She worked towards her goal, and while she didn’t get the guy she thought would, she managed to do some amazing things.

Maybe your goal doesn’t seem achievable or maybe you feel like you can’t achieve them.
Let it drive you because though you may not get what you want, you’ll probably do some incredible things along the way.

2) Be kind.

Listen, Elle isn’t mean to anyone in the entire film. I mean, okay, I think there’s a few moments in the film where she’s a bit rude to Vivian, but on the whole, I think she’s decent to almost everyone. She becomes friends with so many people and even wins over people who hate her.

Just like how we don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time, we don’t have to be mean to make our goals happen.

3) Nurture good friendships.

This is kind of connected to number 2, but Elle’s kindness results in many friendships. She helps her friends improve their lives, and they help her. She picks them up when they’re down, and they do the same for her.

Having good friendships just makes life better, so pick your friends wisely. Pick people who have healthy goals and encourage each other to be better people. Also, and more importantly, be kind.

4) Have killer fashion.

Honestly this post is too serious for me, but I’m trying, so stay with me. Here’s a kind of fun one to mix it up a bit. Elle’s fashion was pretty great. At least 2001 standards. Actually, I don’t know that for sure, but I’m sure people who saw the film thought she was very fashionable. Her choice in color was so bold, and she wore it confidently.

Do the same. Find amazing clothes. Wear them. Feel fantastic.

5) Be yourself.

What a cheesy one this is, but honestly, it’s pretty important. Elle Woods wouldn’t have been Elle Woods if she didn’t do her. The nerds at Harvard (in the film, sorry real life Harvard nerds) judged her because of the way she acted and dressed. She could’ve changed and become like everyone else. She did tone down the fashion just a little bit, I suppose, but she was still more fashionable than most of the people there. And her personality? She didn’t try to become one of the snobs who thought they were too smart or too good for everything. She stayed true to herself.

Those are my tips for becoming a success like Elle Woods.
Do your best.
I’m sure it’ll turn out all right.
I can’t say that it will definitely get you everything you want, but I’m sure they’re better than doing nothing.


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