Great Debate

Since the dawn of time, there has been one debate that has split the world in two. It’s the most divisive debate in history. Everyone chooses a side, whether they know it or not, and unlike Hannah Montana, you can’t have the best of both worlds.

Jacob or Edward? That’s nothing.
Democrat or Republican? Child’s play.
Chocolate or vanilla? This one’s actually very important. It’s a close second.

Here it is.

The greatest debate of all time is…

Sunrise versus sunset.

After reading that, you thought about which one you prefer. That’s good.

After I used the word dawn in the first paragraph, you might think that I’m a dawn person.


You would be wrong. I’m 100% Team Sunset.

See, the thing is that I never see the sunrise. I don’t wake up early enough to do so. Where I live at the moment, it’s winter, so the sun rises around 7. That’s way too early for me.

Sunset on the other hand is accessible. Unless you sleep all day and wake up at night, you’re probably up at the same time sunset is happening, so you can just go outside and look at it.

Accessibility is not its only feature, however. The colors are always amazing. You get your blues. Sometimes, it’s purple. Sometimes, pink. A lot of the time, orange.


I’m sure sunrises look good, but honestly, who has the time to be awake and view it?

With this post, I’m not trying to convince you Sunrise people to join Team Sunset. We need people on both teams. You can keep liking sunrises, and I’ll continue to enjoy the superior sunsets.


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