Netflix’s Everything Sucks!!!!! – 9/10


The title says it all really. This show’s good. Like, really good. If I were to give it a rating (which I have done), it would be a nine out of 10.


There are a bunch of reasons, but I think I’ll stick with five. Hopefully, you’ll want to watch this Netflix series after you read these reasons. (Also, there’ll be an extra sixth one, but it’s a spoiler, so if you haven’t seen it, you should avoid that until you have, because it’s very important.)

1. The Characters
sucks 2.jpg
Look at them. Don’t they seem a lovely bunch? It’s kind of like how in Stranger Things you love all the main characters and you want to protect the all of them.

On the left, you have Tyler (left) and McQuaid (right) , and they’re just trying to do their best, and I love them. Then you have Kate (standing) and Emaline (pretending she doesn’t know a camera is there), and they’re queens, both of them. Luke there in the middle. He’s the main character, and he’s having a roller coaster of a time throughout the whole show, and he’s amazing. Oliver’s Oliver, that’s really all I can say. You even start to care about a couple of the parents.

The characters are so great. Also, the actors who play them? So good.

2. The Slow Momentssucks 3.PNG
By slow moments, I mean times when things are quiet, and people are just talking, and they’re having an honest conversation where they open up. I love that crap. It’s always, always good to watch in shows. (It’s good in real life too, but opening up is hard, you know.)

This show has quite a few of them, and I’m here for it. I’m here for the honesty and for the characters talking to each other about their emotions in a healthy, constructive way.

3. The Cinematography
sucks 4.PNGAdmittedly, I know very little about this topic. I’ll really only consider something poorly filmed if I notice that it’s poorly filmed, and to me, that means it annoys me for reasons that I cannot specify. This show is well filmed. It didn’t annoy me, basically. The camera was shaky, and it worked.

One thing that really stuck out though was the way they zoomed. I don’t know how to describe it, and I don’t know how to make gifs, so I can’t show you, but the scene in the picture is around 4:30 in the second episode, and it just zooms in so well, and it does it several times throughout the series, especially when something humorous is happening. I’m sure there’s a name for this camera technique, but I don’t know it. It’s really good though.

4. The Music
sucks 5.PNG
This was the only way I could think of to visually display music, and I went with this one because it’s a tune.

The music’s really good throughout the whole show. I believe all the songs are from the 90’s, and the writers chose really good ones.

Also, I think the show’s got a decent musical score as well. Again, I don’t know much about film and TV scores, but I do notice when it’s not great or absent completely. It’s one of those things that I don’t think about or appreciate enough when it’s there. I’m sure this show’s got a score, and I do vaguely remember some background music that probably wasn’t a 90’s song. Check it out and tell me.

5. Minimal Secondhand Embarrassment
sucks 6.PNG
A lot of TV shows about kids in middle or high school involve the kids doing things that make you cringe or feel embarrassment for them. I hate that so much, because it just makes me have flashbacks to all the bad times I had, in addition to just being a torturous experience, in my opinion.

Things like the main character who’s maybe a bit nerdy trying to ask out the most attractive character on the show. Or maybe some flirting, but it’s not well written or it’s not fun to watch. Stuff like that make me want to cover the screen or curl up into a ball. I hate it.

This show hasn’t got a lot of it. There’s some, but that fades. Thanks, show writers.


Hopefully those five reasons are enough to make you want to watch the show. You should definitely do it, because it is so freaking good. I absolutely loved it. Plus, it’ll only take you like 3-ish hours. So what are you waiting for? Binge watch Everything Sucks now!!

Then scroll down a bit for the sixth reason I loved this show.




6. Relationships That Make Sense
sucks 7.PNG
Don’t you just hate it when films or TV shows force a relationship even though there’s no chemistry? Me too. Off the top of my head, films and shows that have done this: the second season of USA’s Agent Carter; Captain America Civil War; the Flash; The Last Jedi; and Jurassic World. It almost always happens. It adds nothing except for a little bit of romance. Often, there’s little to no build up to it. It’s annoying.

However, this show handles the relationships that form really well.

Emaline and Kate get together late in the show, and there’s a build up to it, and it makes sense, and they actually talk to each other, and they respect each other, and they really like each other, and it’s a good, healthy relationship that makes sense. The same can be said for Mr. Messner and Ms. O’Neil. There’s a build up. They both respect each other, and they make each other happy, and they like each other, and they’re fairly good for each other, and this relationship too makes sense.

I was so glad to see something that wasn’t forced. Thanks Netflix.

(Photo credits: Netflix.)


3 thoughts on “Netflix’s Everything Sucks!!!!! – 9/10

  1. I am actually planning to watch this for days now and this has pushed me even more. I really love the fact that you appreciate things like the slow moments during a scene. I don’t know, there’s just something about it that seems so unrealistically real and full of genuine emotion. I am a sucker for those. You, whoever you are, is an intellectual and the type of person i want to surround myself with, haha! ❤


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