Everything has to have a point, right? Some meaning has to be attached to the things we do.

I was going to make the case that things shouldn’t have to have meanings for us to do them, but I thought about it, and even if we feel something is meaningless, it still has meaning.

Maybe we do things because we enjoy them. Maybe we do it because we have to to get good grades. Maybe we want money. Maybe we do something just to get it out of the way and make our lives easier.

For example, I took a picture of some barricades simply because I enjoyed the colour of them. You might think that’s pointless, but I thought they were neat. There was a point.

Everything has a point.

It’s just that in our heads, we assign value to the points, meaning some things are more meaningful than others. The fairly subjective value system does admittedly have some objectivity.

For example, the majority of the population would likely agree that it would be more meaningful for a student to finish an assignment rather than maybe dancing in the middle of the road. However, to that student, the dancing might be more meaningful than the assignment.

As previously stated, it’s a very subjective and personal thing, and personally, I don’t think people should be made to feel bad about the values they assign to certain activities.

That being said, I am 100% posting this to justify watching a TV series at midnight when I could be doing something that even I think has more value, such as reading my textbook or reading Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes.

I think that the thing to take away from this post is that we should all assign value to things more intelligently and do the things with value but also have fun and do things that maybe aren’t as valuable or meaningful but are just enjoyable.

If you do that already, kudos. If you don’t, same. Let’s make it happen.


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