On Snow

28695697_2067462149947400_1943150274_oSnow’s overrated.

Like, I get that it looks alright. On films, it looks really nice. If you’re walking in it, it makes you look like you’ve got icing sugar on you, and it’s kind of cute. Things look pretty good when they’re covered in snow.

Playing with the snow too, that’s pretty fun. I got to throw a snowball at a person for the first time today. The first time I threw a snowball was in December, but it wasn’t really much of anything because I was alone. Throwing snowballs at people is an amazing experience, and I would 100% recommend it. I’ve never built a snowman, but I’m sure I’ll do that too some day.

All of those things may make you think snow is cool. It’s not.

The thing is that snow comes with the cold. It’s below zero outside. The “Beast From The East” is out there, and it’s not happy. I took my gloves off to eat a hot cross bun, and my fingers were freezing. It is not ideal hot cross bun eating weather out there, and any weather that is not ideal for hot cross bun eating is bad.

Also, travel is disrupted. You can’t do anything, you can’t get anywhere. You don’t want to do anything because it’s so cold, and if you try, you’re punished by the wind, the snow, and the cold. Classes get cancelled, which would make me from 5 years ago happy, but it’s not as good now because those classes are expensive. I can’t hang out with people because I’d have to walk a mile and a half home in the snow and wind, and that’s a bad time.

Unfortunately, I believe I’m the one to blame for this weather. A friend was trying to give away the sleds he had because he didn’t think it would snow until next winter, and I, like a fool, said it would. I was right, and I’m not happy I was right.

I’m a little happy, actually, but at what cost? Sorry, England.


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