Procrastination is an ironic thing.

You try to save yourself now from the stress and difficulty of doing something. Maybe you have to cook some food, maybe you need to design a fashion line, maybe there’s a large assignment coming up that you need to get done. You put them all off because thinking about everything you have to do makes your head hurt, but all you’re doing is making problems for yourself in the future. You end up feeling stressed now because you know you need to do whatever it is you need to do, and you feel it until you do the thing you need to do.

Deadlines, man. They’re not fun.

We all know this. We know when we’re procrastinating, and we know how it’ll affect us in the future, and then we curse our past selves for not doing more. It’s a vicious and annoying cycle, and I’m tired of it.

I have a solution.

I know that avoiding whatever you’re doing is fun. You get to watch Will Smith’s vlogs, which are admittedly amazing, or catch up with whatever Netflix just released such as Everything Sucks or Jessica Jones. (Side note: why do all the good shows come out when you’ve got like 15 things due?)

However, you can’t avoid whatever it is you’re avoiding forever, and it’s better if you just get it out of the way now before you have more assignments piled on. If you wait, you just feel like you’re drowning in all this work you’ve got to do, and it makes you do the assignments worse, and maybe you cry because you’ve got so much calculus homework, and none of it makes any sense. (That’s definitely not something that’s happened to me before, no way.)

The solution? Start. I know it seems daunting when you think about it, but that’s because you’re seeing the whole finished picture. The whole thing is a sum of its parts, and if you do some of it at a time, you’ll get it done with less stress than if you had to complete it all at once. Do you think that Michelangelo could’ve painted the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling if he focused on the whole thing the whole time? I mean, he probably needed to think about how everything looked in relation to everything else, but he did it all one thing at a time.

Along with that, just starting gets you going. I think that’s just a thing we do where we procrastinate starting until a certain time, and then maybe that time passes, so we’re like: “Oh, can’t start now, gotta wait a bit.” I do it. You do it. Let’s not do it. Just start whatever it is you need to do, and you’ll find it’s not so bad. So start reading that textbook or writing that essay or making that pasta.


Author’s note: Should I ever see the Sistine Chapel, I’ll take a decent picture of it and put it on this post. Cool? Cool.


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