I’ll Sleep On It


I don’t enjoy waking up.

I love being awake (for the most part) and being alive and doing things, but waking up? That’s some trash, honestly.

Firstly, waking up means you’re back in the probably real world. I say probably because there’s this idea that’s probably been around for a while that we’re living in a simulation, kind of like in the Matrix films. As far as we or at least I know and experience, it’s real, but who knows? Maybe I’m real, and everyone else is a simulation. Maybe we’re all simulations. Can’t really be known, and I’m going to continue believing this is real.

Anyway, back to my point, you’re conscious. You have to deal with all the things with which you need to deal. Admittedly, I personally don’t have to deal with a lot, but still. You probably do. Sorry about that. I’d share your load, if I could, kind of like that song “More Than a Band” from the film Lemonade Mouth. (Tangent again: watch Lemonade Mouth. It’s decent, and it stars Hayley Kiyoko, who’s doing cool music things, and Naomi Scott, who was in the 2017 Power Rangers film that I loved.)

Aside from being conscious, my other gripe with waking up is that you stop dreaming. I know that it’s possible to have dreams in real life and even to daydream, but sleep dreaming is just better. It just happens. It’s like free films. I love it.

All of this being said, I don’t think I should end without saying that waking up isn’t all that bad. This is a weird thing to say, but sleeping’s a bit like flirting with Death, and that’s a relationship I’m not ready to commit to, so wakefulness is a welcome friend.

Waking up has it’s perks. You get to see people you love and pet dogs (or whatever animal you prefer). You can eat and drink lovely things, see the stars, feel the rhythms of a song. You can even read some quality blogs, such as this one you’re currently reading.

If you liked waking up before reading this, I hope you continue to enjoy it. If you didn’t like waking up, I hope we’ll come to enjoy it better. Perhaps we could even put flowers by our bedside, so we can wake up and smell the roses.


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