Sully: Part 2


At this point in his story, the man stopped. He motioned for me to sit. I did. I could tell he wasn’t anywhere near the end of his story, so I made myself comfortable.

He continued.

Long ago, there was a prophecy that someone would come through the portal and bring the story of the kingdom’s downfall back to their home. Though the prince seemed a bad choice, the king decided to send his son to find this person and show them the kingdom was flourishing.

The prince didn’t think it was a good idea either. He argued that he would just fail the quest because, even if he did manage to find this other-worlder, he would only give them a bad impression of Theer. The king did not listen, and the prince could not disobey him, so he gathered the necessary supplies and left on the quest the same day.

He walked to where the portal was, and just as he arrived, a woman walked through. She was, understandably, confused.

“Where am I?” she asked, “This is not where I’m meant to be.”

The prince did his best to explain what had happened, how she’d come through a portal and that she was in a different world and that he was there to show her the splendor of the kingdom of Theer. He wanted her to follow him, so he could complete his quest. She didn’t go for it, which is fair because if you walked through a portal into a strange kingdom, and there was some guy saying that it was prophecy that you should meet, you wouldn’t trust him either.

She said she was a princess and that her guards would be there forthwith to rescue her, so she shouldn’t move. With that, she sat down and refused to move. Sully could do nothing, so he pulled out some snacks and decided to wait it out. While they waited, they made small talk because not talking just got a bit awkward. They talked about where she was from and the weather and all the other very interesting small talk topics.

Soon, the sun was setting. The princess, whose name was Clo, finally gave in and agreed to return to the castle with Sully, on the condition that they come back and wait the next day for her guards, and so they headed back with quick feet, because Sully couldn’t navigate in the dark.


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