To Friend or Not to Friend


Doing things alone is convenient.

You don’t have to wait for anyone else or plan around everyone’s schedule. You don’t have to listen to everyone’s input on the plan or go with a plan you don’t want to do. You don’t have to worry about other people not having money or not being able to make it.

It’s just you. You have only to worry about yourself.

Why am I thinking about this? All of my friend are or will be out of town for the next few days, and they’re all doing stuff, and I want to do stuff too. I could go to the cinemas and watch a bunch of movies back to back. Which ones? Isle of Dogs, Pacific Rim: Uprising, A Wrinkle in Time, and Ready Player One. I could go to Stowe or Bletchley Park because I hear both are beautiful and interesting places to visit, and then flex on Instagram because I’m there and everyone else is probably not. I could go to a concert. Not sure which one, but it could be any one I wanted because I’m the only one choosing.

I could do all these things on my own. It’s just that I don’t want to do all these things on my own. Doing things alone, while often necessary, isn’t something I want to do when I don’t have to. If I had to choose between watching a film alone or watching a film with people with whom I enjoy watching films, I would obviously choose to watch a film with the people with whom I enjoy watching films. That’s a no-brainer. Also, films and concerts should be shared. Concerts, especially, because you could absolutely go to a concert on your own, but then you wind up sitting next to people who are with their friends, and you feel alone because they’re talking and sharing the experience and you’re there alone. Has this happened to me? Yes. Obviously. Unfortunately.

In addition to the company that they provide, it also develops our friendships. Friendships are fostered through time spent together and shared experiences, and because I would prefer to not be alone in the future, I have to choose to not be alone now. It’s not something I always can do or want to do, but it’s something we all have to do to maintain our friendships.

It’s a balance, I think. When you can, do things with friends, because you don’t know when they won’t be around, and you’re stuck without them. I might watch Ready Player One on my own though, because I kind of don’t want to wait, and I have nothing to do for the next few days. I’ll see. Catch me in theatres near you.


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